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 Jumpsuit trick 

Not everyone is a fan of jumpsuits (especially petite girls like me) lets be honest its either too long or too loose! And this post is not about the perfect fit jumpsuit either!!!! I am still in hunt!!! However this post is about how I turned a loose and long jumpsuit in to a perfect fit with sexy back. Let me also mention that I did not alter it or make any changes in the jumpsuit whatso ever.. what I did is just wearing it different from the way its supposed to be!!! Thats right with no alterations you can actually change the design of the jumpsuit!! The jumpsuit I choose has the most fun fabric with some words and emojis on it u can buy yours from Here

Now here how the jumpsuit is wore typically 

So if I were to wear it this way it would have been long and loose but all I did was rap both of the straps around my neck instead and it gave me the best backless jumpsuit design ever

I completed my outfit with these cool platform wedges and my favourite white lil bagpack wich I thinks its sold out in Forever 21 Malaysia but they have tons of other cute options👌🏽

          JumpsuitPlatformBagpack , Cap