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Blend with nature

Those who know me well know that I am a nature-lover. I love everything about mother nature and I get inspired by it. This includes my choice of outfit! As much as I like “head to toe black” outfit I enjoy wearing outfits that match the season. Recently I’ve found this local small brand who sells this cute rose print clothes including dresses and jumpers and I am In LOVE. I picked this lil cute dress because it gives me sucha spring / summer vibe and at the same time its so simple and chic. However its abit loose and there is no way you can wear a bra with it but hey thanks to those sticky bras ( I dont know whats their actual name) and of course my small Ta Ta’s. 😜

Paired this cute dress with my all time favorite British brand @publicdesire and a local brand choker. Tried to keep it simple for a fun day out in the nature or maybe if your a tourist and going to explore the city. I wasnt going to carry anything with me but a small clutch would also work with this outfit 👌🏽

You can find the dress Here 

My shoes are from Public desire which Purchased from Zalora 

Choker from @thecloset101

Hope you liked this post 💕  

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