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Welcome back to a new post my besties. I know some of you been waiting for this post and been asking questions about my instragram photos like what camera I use how do I take my pics how to I edit them and so on… I will try to be as specific as possible so here we go:

I have learned there are few important factors for taking that perfect photo whether its a selfie or you want to take picture of your makeup, food, etc (Im sure you know most of them but its hard to apply it sometimes)

Lighting: so having good amount of light is crucial (unless your taking those shadow artistic photos! Silhouette!! Is that what its called?)

My advice: find natural lighting if you dont have a light box . Stand near a window if you are indoor OR get your angles in a way that light hits your face from up ( if it hits from bottom you may look chubby and uneven. 

Good background: you dont need an expensive backdrop or decorations just make sure you are not standing in front of your messy closet, laundry, busy crowd and in general messy background ( again unless thats what you are aiming for) 

My advice: find a clean and solid wall if you  want to focus on your outfit or make my DIY backdrop wich I have made it from a portable clothes hanger and a 2mt fabric on top of it! TaDa you have yourself a cool backdrop u can change the fabric to whatever color you want. ( if you guys want I will create another post on this DIY) 

Camera: TBH nowdays our phone comes with the perfect camera resolutions and once you learn how to take a good picture it becomes so handy but if you wanna have more professional photos well there are many options out there such as DSLRs , Canon Eos ( D series), Nikon D500 there are a lot… but let me tell you something its not about the camera sometimes you can get the best shots with the shittiest camera so only invest in an expensive camera when you have gained some skills!!

My advice: I did have a good camera in the beginning (actually In the beginning I thought I need to have a good camera to start my blogging and funny enough my first makeup video with the highest view was recorded with my phone!!!!) So I had the camera but I didnt have the skills and most of the time my pics and videos turned out crappie!! Then I started collaborating with other good photographers such as @faliqfahmie! If you are deciding to be a blogger and have serious job you need to work with people who know theirs skills. Collaborating makes you get more noticed as well!!! But after I met my bf!! Well I am lucky enough to have my bf cause he takes the best pictures of me as he knows my ideas and angles and its just easier to work with him! So if you have someone who can take good pictures of you stick to them lol . Also these days since I have been taking soo many many pics I have kind of figured the camera angles so I have a remote control and usually for my zoom in makeup pics and sometimes outfits I just take pictures of my self. And that sometimes means awkwardly posing infront of a camera without a camera man!!! 

Pose: this one really is hard to talk about it as it has to be natural! Its good to get inspiration from others but at the end of the day be yourself. It really shows in the pics if you are faking it!!

My advice: before my Photoshooting I always practice in front of the mirror and find my best angles and whatever im more comfortable with. Also Im not really a stare at the camera person my pictures turn out really better when I am looking away!! 

Ideas, outfit, makeup, content: You dont want your whole insta pictures look the same. I have seen so many people that stick to their comfort zone and post a same picture with the same pose or makeup or style. Try to get new ideas and be creative you want your instagram to be fun and inspiring rather than boring! 

My advice: well as a blogger I always come up with different styles and content but for my pictures I try to color cordinate my posts so my feed doesn’t look messy and busy ( I mean I try sometimes it gets anyway)

Editing: people can go way too much wih this one! Remember some of ur followers see you everyday so you dont wanna look like someone else ( unless thats your aim) the purpose of editing is to enhance the beuty of the picture not to change it. 

My advice: I use Facetune to usually smoothe out the picture and enhace the details of the picture ( usually if its makeup look) other than that I play around with instragrams editing tool for all my pics to have same looking filter.
Ummm I cant think of anything else for now on… if you have more questions you can always ask me! I would love to answer them for you 💕. 

Yelna 💋

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