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All about my hair (hair dye)

Happy weekend friends hope you had a wonderful time with your family or loved ones including yourself 💕😜 its awesome to spend quality time with yourself and love yourself and pamper yourself … Our body is our home and its important we take care of it and sometimes even decorate it and make it look and feel more comfortable for us. Being healthy is one important factor but in this blog i want to talk more about decoration and more specifically hair 😬 I am not one of those people to stick to one hair color that suits them for a long period of time . I am more of a people who keep changing their decorations in the house and keep it new and fresh.. and that means same goes to my hair. I play around a lot with hair dye and I have tried so many different colors and I still feel like there is more for me to try. But One of the challenges of changing hair color is the fact that people(specially older people) keep telling you that – Soon you will loose all your hair!!! -You are damaging your hair!!!! -stop dying your hair!!! And so on…
Yess I know it could be damaging and hurting your hair but not if you do it properly. We do and eat so many nonsense that could be damaging our health too but why dying hair is sucha big deal!? But moving on this blog post is for those who are interested to know how I keep my hair healthy and manage to BLEACH and dye it very often:

First thing first, I always keep my hair short!! But thats not a key factor I have seen girls with long hair who dye their hair often as well but having trim and cuts oftenly keeps your hair to build up stronger roots cause the longer the hair gets it take more protein and nutrients to keep the hair healthy (some people are really blessed with all these nutrients and its in their genes) I am not one of those so I give my hair extra supplements and care. But since I love myself with short hair I prefer to keep it short and instead have extensions whenever I feel
Like having long hair! So this way Its easier to take care of it..and I trim off it wheb I see lil bit of damages or split ends.

Secondly. I have got to know my hair and I have figured out whats its strength, how much I can bleach and how long I need to give it a break so instead of going to a salon I prefer to do all the work myself. And when I feel like I have done little bit extran I start taking vitamins and supplements and Diy masks which my favorite is Coconut oil and egg mask. Its super easy and healthy. I just crack one egg in to coconut oil and put it in my hair . I leave it for 5mins before the egg starts cooking and then wash it off.

One thing that I have noticed which is really damaging my hair is Hair straightening iron!!! Its insane how it burns the hair if you use jt daily. So I started to rock my curly hair more often and if I wanna put any heating on my hair I will definitely use heat protection spray.
I use This and I love it!!! Before bleaching my hair I always put coconut oil in my hair for like 1hour and then bleach on top of that to protect my hair.
For bleach I use Loreal This one
My hair shampoo/conditioner for colored hair is Tresemme it works very well if you dont have oily hair.

Another tip is that I usually go for ombré hair colors so I dont have to bleach my roots. If toots of your hair gets damaged most probably you will get hair fall and loose hair so I leave my roots untouched for an ombré kind of effect.

But if I do get my whole head bleach then for few months I will try colors that go on bleach and wont change the pigmentation of my hair such as pastel colors, Light brown, blue, green.
Colors like Red, purple and dark black are very strong it will not change color easily so you have to bleach your hair again to get read if them. So ill play around with lighter colors and leave these colors for times when I wanna give my hair a break and leave it with one color which I usually go for blue black. Its a perfect color to bring out your face features.

Remember even if you are not dying your hair a crazy color you still need to keep it healthy.

Thanks for reading hope it helped you if you are interested in dyin your hair

Yelna 💋

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