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Skin care series 1

Hello there my Internet fam! Hope you doing well and unlike me dealing with 0 stress in your life.. but hey I know that impossible! Everyone's fighting their own battles these days and not having stress is only in dreams but hey what do you do to take care of your skin with all this stress?! To be honest I was the person that never cared about my skin and barely applied anything as a treatment or protection! I know right!!! what I was thinking?!? That is why my skin has become so dull and oily thise days and I just dont feel as comfortable as before to walk out of the house without makeup Until I received a box full of skin care in my mailbox !! Thanks to this Korean brand called Gobdigoun!

Okay before I even start talking about their products can we take a moment of appreciation of their packaging!! Like how cute and classy at the same time! Everytime I sit and use their product I feel like A princess! A very rich one lol!!! The packaging and the presentation of these products make it so much easy to use.

These two are my favorite combination to apply after removing my makeup. Both are made out of goats milk , vitamin c, herbals and so many other beenfecial ingredients . one is used as a conditioner and another is a facial lotion which I use to actually remove my makeup. They both help to moisturize skin and take out all the excess oil and dirt out of skin leaving a smooth and fresh result.

I use these two only once a week as a special treatment. The thin one is an eye serum and the other one is for face and they both work for removing the wrinkles and lines on the face. You know those stress lines on top of forehead or even on chin.. to be honest I dont have much wrinkles on my face (yet) but I like to use this as prevention around my nose and on my forehead!

Aqua mask and whitening mask were my favorites too ..Well more Aqua mask to be exact! I felt it really cleaned up my blackheads and it Didnt leave extra oil on my skin. It also smells really good (personal opinion) because of the Montana which is a herbal that helps skin to be more moisture and soft!

This is another mask which I tried by this brand and its for minimizing pores and tightening the skin. This one did lil bit feel oily on my skin and after removing it my skin was sticky but I guess if you have a normal to dry skin this wouldn't be a problem for you as it will be absorbed into your skin.. but for me at this point felt so oily and my skin didnt fully take it in.

What do you guys use for your skin? If you like to try a korean brand skin care Gobdigoun would be one that I can suggest you.


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