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My Solo traveling story tips and suggestions (Bali)

Hey there my internet friends.
If you guys are following me on my social medias you would know How busy I have been or I have kept myself to be!! But now its time for another exciting post !!I have so much to say and i hope it doesn’t sound too much for u guys…

Anyways I woke up one day and as usual asked myself what do you want to do today? And something crazy came to my mind and it didn’t stop…once in a while I come up with these crazy ideas to keep my life interesting ! not that its not interesting by itself (more of hectic) But I want to do something that its a creation of my own mind…like making a dream come true or ticking the bucketlist. So this time I decided I need to travel. I want to go to bali!!

My whole life I had always wait for my friends , for my bf or someone! I have always waited for people to join me in my crazy plans and I have never even thought of doing it by myself! The Idea of being alone and doing something alone was really scary for me! Until I realised well if I always wait for others to join me It might not ever happen to ME!! And If they join, the Idea is not for ME anymore it becomes for “US” which is cool and fun but I have a lot of “US experiences already! Specially when it comes to traveling with romantic partner!!! So Now I wanted to experience something different. Something for ME!!
Also now that I am planning to leave Asia for good ( if Malaysia really let me go lol ) I have to do this!!! I need to make this happen.. so I did!!

This was a promise to myself and I had to make it happen.. lots of things kept falling from no where but nothing stopped me and finally I booked the ticket. Luckily my friend told me she wants to go with me as well but she wont be staying more than 2nights which was awesome! I would go with her and we would have our girly fun times and from there I would continue with my solo trip! Perfect plan!

How did I plan everything

The process of looking for hotels and places that I wanted to visit kept me even more excited. I knew exactly what kind of resort I am looking for and where I want to go. However I also didnt want to plan everything ahead I wanted to be surprised!

The first 2 days with my friend we decided to stay near Kuta beach where we can chill by the beach, drink, and party !! and we booked our room while we reached in bali. Like literally by the minute we landed we booked the room through agoda app.

After 2 nights in kuta I wanted To stay in a really nice tropical resort that I had to book in advance. So First I searched in google the type of resort I am looking for ( it had to come with an outdoor bathroom!!) Among all the choices which I found Here and Here . I chose my favourite one and looked for it in and and I booked it… Villa Arya is actually a private villa middle of a tropical forest and next to a rice field. The outdoor swimming pool looks like a lake covered with banana and coconut trees. There is a small waterfall and a pool with fishes and turtles swimming in it!!perfect atmosphere for meditation and relaxing. Also I found a hidden temple right behind the villa where I could hear them pray every morning. This place was just beautiful!

Although I wanted to stay in that resort for my entire life but It was only fair to travel and explore more as every corner of Bali is admirable.
So I booked the resort for 2 nights and then decided to experience other stuff. Bali is known as The city of Gods and I have heard a lot about its spiritual vibes. So I decided to book a yoga and meditation retreat in bali and experience a different level of Zen in my spiritual journey. The Place I found was mentioned by someone in a Forum and when I looked it up I fell in love with it (but not as much as when I actually got in there). Eco Serenitity guesthouse is a cozy little place by the beach, full of kind and nice people! Like literally who ever walks in to this place turns in to an angel. Everybody is smiling , doing something creative, meditating, reading a book by the zen pool. There are more than 10 yoga teachers who teach different level and types of yoga from beginners to Vinyasa, Hatha and many more. I loved it there and it helped me a lot to get relieve from the negativity and stress I was carrying!

Places I visited

There are just sooo many places. Exploring Bali definitely requires a 3months visa which I didn’t have. They gave me only a week and it was not enough at all. But I managed to make a lot out if it!
We first rented a car for ( 700,000 rp) and the driver took us around and showed us some of the really famous places such as Tanah lot , Uluwatu temples, but after my friend left I ended up getting on a motorbike( for the first time in my life!!!) and the guy would come and take me to places everyday for a very cheaper price!! Like 100,000 rp per day. He took me to Bali swing, Saraswati temple, walk in a beautiful rice field, night market, beach cafe and bars: A friend suggested La Plancha which is something like Yellow cafe in Langkawi but with more people, more drinks and yummy food. I went for the sunset . I ordered shisha and Later It became so windy by the beach so I ordered a tomyam soup and hot lemon tea . It was delicious.
Another day I rented a bicycle and it was the best thing ever!!! I explored so many hidden places and went in to so many temples that I couldn’t ask the motorbike or the car to stop ( as there are temples in every 20meters and I wanted to visit them all) I also went to the Old mans cafe near Canggue beach and by the beach I ordered traditional Satay and rice (so so so good) and a beer.
First night for clubbing I went to this restaurant/ bar I cant remember the name but there were two pretty girls belly dancing by the entrance . And there I met few people and after we got to know each other they took me to Sky garden. At sky garden, they play RnB songs at upstairs and Trance music at lower ground. I walked in to other clubs as well but I cant remember their names soz 😜

What did I pack

I had a Medium size backpack which was still very big for me!! I packed for a week:
4/ different swimsuits
2/ shorts /underwear
1/ long skirt
1/ slipper
3/ tank top
1/ set of top and skirt
2/ set of Yoga pants and tops
1/long backless dress

-When you are going to visit temples its more respectful if you wear a long skirt and cover ur legs.
– for bali swing wear a skirt or a dress it looks really nice in the picture
– in my makeup bag I had sunscreen lotion, blusher , highlighter, concealer (which i didnt use) lipstick,, lipgloss, bronzer . If you wanna wear makeup keep it simple and sunkissed . I had my lashes done so basically I would put bronzer, blush, highlighter and lipgloss and I was good to go 👍🏼
I will upload a lookbook of my outfits on my Instagram/ YouTube.

Highlights of my trip

  • At kuta beach you are more surrounded by people and shops and night clubs. Me and my friend planned to party really hard when we get there and made a “whatever happens in Bali stays in Bali” kindda thing lol which didnt happened .. atleast not for her.. she decided to stay in the hotel and the Yelna that We both knew would have followed her and stayed with her but hmm no not this time!! this whole trip was for ME anyways so I freshen up and headed out ( another first time experience).. when you walk in the streets of Bali as a girl you will get called “darling” so many times that you will start to feel like you are really in “eat pray love” movie!!! I had no Idea where I was going!! I had no map, and I could see everybody is going to a different direction so I couldn’t really follow any crowd!!! So I decided to enter a very huge outdoor shopping mall and after walking for 10mins I found myself in a small avenue with lots of dream catchers hanging and swinging around it.. Sounds of people laughing and singing would come out of small bars and I got invited by each bar as I passed by! But I didn’t wanna settle in a bar just yet.. everything was just too interesting and exciting for me!! I walked in a shop and bought myself a dream catcher.. someone offered me a drink on the street I accepted and continued walking down that avenue until I ended up in a crowded street with loud music and smell of alcohol. I looked like a child lost in wonderland, looking inside the clubs, excited but also scared !! I would get stared andapproached for a ride or a drink!! every club had a different vibe and music. My eyes caught shisha and obviously that’s where I chose to enter. I ordered myself a lychee martini cocktail and mix fruit shisha and my night began there…. which I cant really recall much of it but I know I ended up in my hotel safe by 3am!! So yeey !!!
  • My friend left at the 3rd day of our trip and we were staying at Arya villa. I remember I opened my eyes with sound of birds singing and the sun had reflected on the mosquito net. The breez of fresh air was coming from the balcony where I saw my friend was sitting and waiting for her uber to drop her to the airport. I woke up and walked to the outdoor bathroom which is literally like a backyard with trees and flowers covering it up. After my friend left I quickly got ready and went out to visit bali swing and saraswati temple. I had an awesome day but it only got better when I came back to my room and opened the door and saw they have decorated my room with flowers and wrote a birthday msg on the floor. Little after they surprised me again with a cake and a pedicure service.. I felt like s small girl!!! I was jumping up and down out of joy. Later at night I soaked myself in a bathtube full of flowers and drank wine… one of the best nights of my life!!!

  • The last night of my stay It started raining and I couldn’t go anywhere and I had so much money left in my wallet. I was sitting in a small cafe at the Canggu beach and I was looking at how rain is falling over the ocean and becomes one with it…in that calm and sophisticated moment I saw something really fluffy running towards me from far ,very fast… usually I would have started running away or scream! But I didnt do any of that.. perhaps it was too late before this huge fluffy brown doggie jumped on me and started licking me!! It was familiar to me as my cats behavior (lucien) is very similar to this the only difference was that this dog was 4times bigger then my kitty!!! Everyone in the cafe started laughing and came to help me to get back on the chair.
  • After that incident I just realized how I have changed. I am sitting alone at this small cafe ina different country with a huge dog on my lap!!! And Im not running away from it.. I am becoming one with it and It just hit me right there!! None of these were in my comfort zone and I have always had a fear of being ina situation like this!! I have always wanted to have control over things to know and be aware of things and it was out of my comfort zone to deal with it alone!!! I felt like a butterfly who just flew out of its cocoon! It felt amazing and I had to capture this moment for life but I had no camera or phone with me.. thats when another crazy Idea came to my head!!! I need a tattoo!! I need to get a tattoo right here in Bali and it has to be a butterfly! It was already late and it was pouring rain!! I called the motorbike guy “Rahman” and told him I need to get a tattoo!!! He said its late and all shops are closed but he knows a place where they close late.. We drove for 45mins under the rain on a motorbike. I remember he passed from a very dark and narrow street and I kept asking him “where are you takin me?” and he would answer “dont worry my friend!!” And he was right.. he was my friend he took care of me the entire time.. Even after I got done with my tattoo I was really happy with the result that I totally forgot the poor guy was waiting for me outside the entire time!!! The next day before he drop me to the airport he took me to the same narrow street which was sooo beautiful by the way and he told me “ see it was only dark ” . sometimes in life it gets dark and scary but that doesn’t mean that our road is not a beautiful journey! I hugged him for all he has done for me and walked towards airport..

This is just the beginning i am planning for more trips like this and I cant wait to go to Bali again!! I highly suggest you guys to do something out of your comfort zone and challengr yourself in every situation.. trust me the outcome is always worth it..

Thanks for reading

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