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Get to know me(50 facts tag )

Hello welcome to 50facts about me post. i asked you guys to ask me questions on my instragram and I am going to answer the most interesting ones here: its going to be fun grab some snack and lets go!

1- where are you originally from !?
– I am half Iranian half bengali but I consider myself citizen of the universe.. I belong to everywhere and no where!

2- How many languages do you speak?
– persian, bengali, hindi, english, Deutch, arabic

3-what is your greatest achievement in life?
-I think there are a lot of things that I never thought I will be able to do and I did it.. but the most important one was finally overcoming my insecurities and putting myself out there as a blogger and following my dream regardless of other people’s opinion.

4-what are your biggest fears in life?
– I used to be very fearful person and stress over everything specially my future but I have (I think) grown out of it my biggest fear at this moment is my dads health and if anything happens to him God forbidden.

5-what is your favourite place to live or
-Right now I am planing to travel as much as I can and the more places I go its harder for me to say which one is my favorite! I think every place has its own beauty but I am more of a nature lover!

6- How did you choose to become a blogger?
– I always had the passion for fashion and beauty but Also I didnt want to be a materialistic person so It was only until I started studying Psychology that I could find a balance and be a fashion/ beauty blogger with a deeper perspective! If that makes sense..

7- how was your childhood?
– umm well I cant really say it in one sentence I had a very adventurous childhood because Of traveling . I have so many good and bad memories in my childhood. But I grew up really fast and had to be mature and act like grown ups.. which is sad…

8- what would you do if you never started to be a blogger?!
– umm I could be anything.. I am a good dancer so maybe I would do that.. or maybe I would be in sports.. I really can be anything! But I would never work for someone else thats for sure!as an employee..

9-whats you’re favorite Malaysian food?
-I love indian food that could be part of Malaysian food? No?

10- whats the best restaurant in Kl based on your experience?
– I usually prefer to cook and eat at home but I like WTF in bangsar, Nirvana Banana leaf, Brussels Galerie

11- what is your hobbies?
I consider blogging and taking pictures as my hobby actually! but other than that I enjoy watching movies, reading book (sometimes), shopping (lil too much), dancing, and traveling.

12- what will happen to yout pets if you go from Malaysia?
– I am taking them with me!

13- what is your best and worst experience in Malaysia?
– as a female foreigner living alone, sometimes it gets really hard! Even though I have lived in Malaysia for almost 7 years but at the end of the day I am considered as foreigner and I get treated such. Worst experience would be with taxi driver one time who tried to kidnap me (before I bought my car) and the best experience is working with so many talented people and local companies in Malaysia who helped me in making my blogging dream come true!

14- what religion do you actually follow?
All the religions.. Im more of a spiritual person and I believe we all came from one source and there is no division among humanity.

15- Growing up as a single child did you get spoiled?
– umm maybe to some extent.. like getting all the attention of my parents but when it came to real life situations not really. My parents treat me as a mature person and explain to me things in a way that I would understand the situation..

16- what is one thing you like about yourself most?
– my life.. about the fact that my life had a lot of upside downs and it made me the person I am today.. which is strong personality (I believe)

17- how did you overcome your insecurities?
– working on myself is a daily routine.. I still work on my self-esteem and like everyone else I go through times that I feel insecure.. but I think being aware and conscious is the key factor!

18- what is your weakness and strength?
– I have alot haha. But I have learned that my biggest strength and weakness could be like mirror of each other.
Weakness: too emotional and sensitive, I am shopaholic and I cant save money , I feel too responsible for people I meet and I feel like I have to help everyone
Strength: Being self-aware , I am an empathetic person, I am strong when it comes to difficult times, I handle my responsibilities and I have good taste in Shopping lol! See mirrors!

19- what is your love language?
Heart speaks to heart. Energy and vibes speaks louder than words ( if thats the answer for your question)

20- what do you think people most judge you for ?
– I dont really care but if I pay attention.. I know most of my relatives and specially elder people don’t understand my work as a blogger and I had them making negative comments about me.. which again doesn’t bother me anymore.

21- how do you react to negativity?
– I observe it and let it come to me and pass..I dont make any reaction and I don’t let it influence me because I have spent so much time in getting to know myself and my intentions. Nothing can change that other than myself.

22- what is the first thing you notice about people?
– before judging anyone I always let my intuition decide whether I vibe with that person ( this is something I have learned recently) cause some people are really good at faking a personality and traits. So as a psychologist also I always notice peoples behavior, how they react and behave in difficult situations. That says a lot about a person..

23- Any Tattoo’s?!
– I do have tattoos if thats your question and Im planning to get more but that depends on what makes me to get a tattoo.. it has to be a remarkable event.

24- what was the hardest part About giving up?! Could be anything..
– sometimes in life you put so much energy and hope into something and it doesn’t always turn out the way you expected and you must give up.. for me giving up comes with the mentality that what is going to go must go and make space for better things to come..

25- what is the best thing about your family?
– my family includes of me and my dad and good people who I met and became my family.. what I love about my family is that we are caring, accepting and understanding about each other in all circumstances. My dad is my best friend!

26- why you choose to study Psychology?
– I always loved it.. even as a child I had the interest in observing people and understanding why they behave in the way they do

27- what inspires you to live the life you are living?
– wow hard question, I think I get inspired by almost everything, from events , weather, people I meet…but for the life I am living I feel like i have made to be living this life to my best that I could!

28- what was your most embarrassing moment?
– I have a few but the most is when I peed myself after watching a horror movie in my relatives house . Lol I was 11years old !

29- what is your dream that havnt come true yet..
– I always see myself getting married and having a big family of my own..

30- what msg do you have for yourself when you were 16?
– calm down everything is going to turn exactly in a way to help you in your self growth!

31- How did you reacted after you lost your mom? Sry if its too intimate!
– its okay I always speak openly about my hard times.. I definitely experienced depression, anger, suicidal thoughts.. and so many more emotions.. I was in a circumstance that I had to back myself up quickly and that made me suppress a lot of those emotions.. I got into two relationships right after that which wasn’t perfect but helped me a lot in realising that I needed to deal with my emotions and let them go.. so thanks to my ex partners for treating me in a way that made me realize that I need help!

32- How did you move on like what did you do on daily basis to forget the memories?
– I dont think we ever forget memories.. memories stay with us forever but its up to me how to perceive them and deal with them. What I do on daily basis is basically working on myself.. doing things that are good for me and my soul. A lot of meditation and activities that helped me get close to my self! When you get close to yourself you realize the reason behind a lot of things that happened to you and it helps you to move on from them..

33-what skincare do you use?
– umm unfortunately I am not really in to skin care and I forget most of the times.. but fortunately I have got a good skin now ( I used to deal with acnes when I was young and I had to take antibiotics and medical treatment to heal them) I have learned that my skins condition has a lot to do with my eating habits and stress! So my skin care is to keep these two in balance. But as a beauty blogger I get to experiment different products the most favorite brands would be Olay , Laneige , Gobdigoun I have a skin care series in my blog!

34- what was your most challenging part in your life and how did you overcome it?
– There are a lot haha but the most challenging has to be dealing with damaged people in my life that somehow I got involved with them intimately. I have learned that I cant help everyone and the most I can do is to help myself and get myself out of the situation…

35- what was the most difficult thing that you had to forgive?
– Good question! Um I thought I need to forgive people who did wrong to me in the past but its never easy! And its not about those people its about Me! I always choose love over hate and forgive myself for thinking about hateful situations.. and simply move on!

36- what do you find attractive in other people?! Guys in particular!
– I think I always fall for people who have been through a lot in their lives and yet still have ambition to live.. deep thinkers and obviously people who share same interest with me!

37-why You dont upload on YouTube anymore?
– meh YouTube is just a hustle.. I find blogging and Instagram more interesting and gives me enough space to share.

38- Is there anything I really hate?
– umm hate is very strong word but I dont know maybe I use it sometimes for example if I dont like a food or something! There is nothing I really really hate at the moment!

39- How do I get invited in the events and get noticed by brands ?
– Well publicity is important if you want to work as a social media “person” you gotta put yourself out there! I didnt really do anything I just try to collab with other people and go for events as much as it interests me.

40- are you left handed or right?
Lefty for sure!

41- what makes you annoyed the most!
-That has to be waiting aaaandd Sometimes people dont hear me cause my voice is soft and I get annoyed when they come closer to me to hear me! Also people burping and chewing loudly around me!m that makes me really annoyed!

42- are you an introvert or extrovert?
I think both.. I show more of my extrovert when I have to.. but I do enjoy my alone time !

43- How do I start blogging?
– I had this question few times And Im planning to do a full blog about it.. so stay tuned for that but for now I would just say.. just start it dont wait for anything specific to happen!

44- whats your Idea of a perfect date? How can a guy impress you?
-flowers!! duh!!! Lol but for real ,just when I see someone actually made an effort to do something special for me that would impress me!! I dont have an ideal tbh!

45- what do you do when you get tired and you want to give up?
– I used to fight this feeling and dont let myself lose track but my therapist suggested me to take rest!! its ok to take rest when you’re tired! And it worked!!!! lol just take a break but dont quit!

46- Do you get homesick and miss your family while you in Malaysia?!
– I dont really feel like I belong to a place to be homesick! But I do miss my dad and I talk to him every night!

47- what is your typical expressions?!
– like seriously!?!
– I use the world “alwaaays” always! Lol

48- whats your most favorite makeup products or brands?
There are so many! But you gave me the idea to write a blog about it.. so thanks ! 😜

49- Are you a smoker do you get stoned?
– I enjoy smoking shisha.. and I smoke cigarettes occasionally! But Nope! I dont get stoned and never like to try it!

50-what type of movies do you watch? I know you like aliens lol..
– haha yes I believe there are other lives out there… I love science-fiction, and psychological movies!

Shu… that was a lot of typing I cant feel my fingers at this point… lol but this was fun
Hope you guys got to know me lil bit better let me know if we are in the same page in some aspects!

Thanks for reading.
Yelna 💋

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