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Be A blogger! Step by step

Finally Im here to talk about how did I start my blogging journey and all the things I did and invested. Im gonna keep it really short and straight forward. After all each blogger needs
To come up with their own creativity and idea thats the essential of being a blogger! DONT COPY OTHERS! Of course you can get inspired or maybe recreate their idea but you have to do it professionally and give them credits. Now lets go..


For creating a website you need three things , Domain, host, platform
Step -1
You need a platform to share your ideas.. and if your deciding to really make this a serious job then you need a website. For creating a website there are so many YouTube videos out there to teach or you can pay someone to do it for you but here is what I did: – I registered my name as my main domain from this will only give you the name and link to your website this will cost from 3 to 10 $ depending on the popularity of the domain. Now you need platform and space.
– I signed in for monthly package on Hostgator for 14$ usd . There are so many hosting companies there. Godaddy. WordPress, it just different in price and speed and amount if space they are hosting. I choose hostgator and this will give me the space and data to upload my content on internet.
And now you need the tool or a platform . is free and pretty easy to use for bloggers.
There are other platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace. You can get your domain and build your website on each of these platforms and it will be easier.
Forexample You can purchase your domain from WordPress domains as well but I heard Godaddy gives the best service amd they are famous for their domain system in terms of speed, price, costumer services..So Based on my experience and research go daddy for domain and wordpress for building the website works better. Again up to you.. just do your research and find what works best for you!
Now if you followed my steps you need
To install wordpress on your hosting site and then link your domain to your wordpress or any other platform. This could be a bit tricky but once you understand it you’ll be able to do it. I will link a YouTube tutorial Here . Again you can do all these 3steps in one shot but you might have to pay more.

Other investments are the stuff you will be sharing! If you are going to be a beauty or fashion blogger then that means you have to invest in those things. You have to have a proper plan.. this doesnt mean u have to keep buying clothes with few pieces that you have make interesting blogs so it can take you somewhere.. you can find something really small ke cheap and make it look completely amazing and inspiring.. so get creative and have fun with it!

Build your website
Step 2- After getting all these done its time to build your website however you would like it. You can purchase a theme that has been designed. My favorite place to buy themes is Here. You can also find free ones in your platform provider or any other website just google, blogger themes or templates.

Step- 3 now You must know what do you want to blog about and who is going to be your audience/readers.
-Categories your website based on your topics and start your blog by maybe introducing yourself or something exciting to grab some attention!
-Remember your content must be original and unique! Come up with your own style of writing and sharing. Dont copy!
-Its okay to use topics that have been talked about before but you have to write about it from your own perspective.
-Use pictures and interesting contents.
-Dont forget to tag whoever you mention in your website as a reference! Thats how you are going to make money!

ADsense account
Step-4 after sometime when you get little bit of traffic in your website you can create an adsense account and link your website to it. It will take sometimes for them to check your website and accept it. Basically Adsense would put ads on your website and you get paid each time someone views those ads or click on them! Dont expect a lot of money from adsense this really depends on your traffic.
But dont worry eventually you will get there. Dont give up on posting and try to share your link to everywhere and everyone..
For me I only activate it sometimes cause I dont like my website to look messy…

Other ways to make money

Okay so if blogging is your passion it shouldn’t be all about money cause you will get distracted from your original ideas. On the other hand bloggin is a very expensive job. You need to invest from your pocket for contents and things you will be sharing on your blog specially if its fashion and beauty. However there are ways for you to make money after so much investments..
– Sponsorships: you will get contacted or you contact brands and companies and ask them to sponsor you in return of a blog post ( first do as much as you can for free)
– paid reviews: seeing your website and contents grow companies will send you products or services for you to review and they will pay you to do so ( again do it for free until you are established enough)
– Collaborations and teaming up with other bloggers and whoever is in your business field. This will give you publicity and eventually you might get paid for each collaborations that you do !
-Affliate programs this where I told you better keep tagging everyone in your blog cause tgen you get paid if they like your content anf if someone purchase something through your website

Thats it …I cant remember anything else to add for now! If you have any questions you can ask me I will be more than happy to help! Just follow your imaginations and make them come to life..then write about it.. and congratulations you are a blogger 👏🏼💕

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Thanks for reading
Yelna 💋

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