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Solo trip to Cambodia, suggestions and tips

Hey loves. This post was requested by some of my insta followers and they asked me few questions regarding my trip which I am going to briefly explain here :

So as this was my second solo trip I had little bit of an Idea on what to pack and how to arrange my whole trip. This time I took a small suitcase with me as I didn’t have to travel many cities and towns (like I did in Bali). Here is How i planned my whole trip step by step:

Step One

First step is to look for places and things you want to experience. I spent one week only searching about different cities of Cambodia and where I would like to visit the most and it narrowed down to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap the two famous cities. I really wanted to visit the Sihanoukville beach but if you guys have read my Bali post you would know I didn’t really enjoy the water there so I heard its the same in Cambodias beach so I passed and decided to spend all my time only in those two cities. However Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are like 8hours drive away from each other and tbere are different ways to travel. Bus cost around 15$ but it takes up to 10hours. Taxis would charge 30$ depending on the traffic and speed it could take around 4-6 hours. You could also take a boat but the timing and price would be same with bus. So the fastest option is to take a flight but not so cheap I paid 55$ almost same price as going from Kl to Phnom Penh. But it was worth it.

Step two
After this I started looking for hotels and for me what I really like about my stay in a place first is the clean bed and second is the bathroom ( preferably outdoor) . So thats what I looked for online and I just literally typed “resorts in siem reap with outdoor bathroom” and then I looked up the hotel names in or Agoda and reserved it. In phnom penh I booked a simple room near the river and central city ( as I was meeting my friend there). The hotel called Queen wood and it was not the best hotel even tho the price was higher compared to other hotels (around it but I did not like it. Although I always take my own bedsheet but still I felt uncomfortable and their shower/bathroom wasn’t so clean.
I stayed 2night there and took a flight to Siem Reap in a very nice resort and spa called
Sourkear this one I loved. It was at the best location near to central city (10mins with tok tok) the rooms are clean big and nicely decorated plus they have the most calming and beautiful outdoor bath. I definitely recommend this resort the price is very reasonable as well.

Step Three
I had to plan for my expenses and places that I want to go. I had a rough Idea about the temples that I wanna visit but it was only until I reached to Siem reap that I realized there are just too many and I have to pick a few which was a very easy decision coz at the counter in my hotel they had packages of everyday tours for 15$ ( btw everything there is calculated with USD) also I had to get a one day ticket where you could either get it online or ask the tok tok take you to their counter. This ticket which is for 37$ gives u access to All the tourist places including temples and museums. I took the small tour which included around 6-7 stops and places to visit. The tok tok drivers are very nice they provide you map and water and wait for you as long as you want in every place you go without charges. I decided to visit : ANGKOR WAT, Ta Prohm, Bayon, Preah khan, and few small temples on the way and they all were gorgeous.

Step four

You leave this step completely unplanned.. as you get there you will find new things that you want to see and experience. Just have some extra money incase you wanna do something extra. For me it wasn’t really anything costly. Everything is cheap there compared to Malaysia. Unless you wanna go crazy shopping or spend everyday in the spa.

Highlights of my trip

The first Day I reached in the morning and first thing first I bought a simcard with unlimited internet for a week with 5$. Then I walked out and looked for a tok tok u can negotiate the price it cannot go more than 10$. I was so lucky that I landed exactly in the Cambodia ‘s new year day and I spent the whole day outside watching people dance, sing, and celebrate.. it was truly amazing. The second day me and my friend rented a Bike And we went on a short road trip around the city. We looked for temples, restaurants and museums (some cost 20$ and some are free). My friend also tried to teach me how to ride a bike!! It didnt go really well I mean i need more practice lol! The third day I took a flight to siem reap and I was so excited after I checked in and saw how awesome is The resort. I immediately asked to prepare my bathtub with flowers and took a nice long bath.

Then went for a walk around the resort and ended up in night market. I bought myself a straw hat and bag (15$) and the singing bowl(10$) . I wasn’t sure how much I’m gonna spend on the temples entrance so I didn’t go crazy in buying stuff.

In my visits to temples I found a guy who offered me to guid me and take pictures of me (really good ones) and at the end I paid him 10$ this is totally unnecessary if your not going alone but you guys know how much taking those insta worthy pictures are important for me so I didn’t regret paying! Although in other temples its soo quiet and so big I could find a place to put my stuff and take my own pictures and videos I almost did this everywhere with less crowds.the next day I spent it on another long bath, drinking cocktails by the pool and swimming in the pool and it was so awesome! I met new people and we talked for hours. In my last day I explored the city and at night went to pub street for yummy foods and cheap beer. Btw beer is cheaper than water (1.50$) the food cost around ( 5-10$) for a normal dinner lunch.
1- have a nice shawl with you when you enter the temples out of respect also they might kick you out lol
2- always negotiate on the prices in the might market and tok tok. They go way to up and come way to down lol.
3- mosquitoes!! Put on lotion
4- buy beer from super markets its cheaper than the bars.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay in Cambodia and totally encourage you guys to go and travel to all these historical and spiritual places (if you vibe with it) also I encourage you to travel alone its going to be your best experience 👌🏽
If you have any other questions please ask me in my dm or comment bellow.

Much love

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