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Hello there my Internet friends

Instead of making a room tour video I decided to do a blog so I can talk about all the details widely.
I am currently renting a studio apartment (more looks like a one bedroom apartment). I found this apartment after so much searching and apartment hunting and I fell in love with it as soon as I entered in. I love that its on 28th floor with a perfect view! Its not so big where I have to fill it with unnecessary stuff ( like my previous apartment) and its big enough for my fur babies to run around and play fetch! Here I am only showing you guys the room as I have not finished decorating and organizing my living room and kitchen completely. So when you walk in its the living room and after passing through the kitchen this is the view of the bedroom.

This apartment was semi-furnished so some furnitures were provided including this queen size bed which is perfectly placed. I love to decorate my bed with cute pillows and a soft blanket which I bought all of them from Kaison at One Utama.
I have space from both sides, one facing the jungle view another side is the bathroom wall.
I have left more space towards the big window. With that view sometimes I put a table next to the bed and have my meal with a view! On the other side I purchased this cute yellow ladder shelf from Ikea and stored my perfumes and accessories.

Then I have this famous drawer also from Ikea where I store my makeup and delicates and hair products. On the top I have few clear makeup organizer which I bought from Here and some from Mr DIY. The decoration is mostly from Typo.

Next to it is another shelving unit i have purchased it from Ikea. I have let go so many of my heels making room for new ones lol . I will probably have another shelving unit just for my heels later but for now this is taking care of everything 👌🏽

And here is my favorite corner. My lil walk in closet and the huge mirror on the side. I have also gave away so much of my clothes so its more neat and organized . I love when I have my clothes hanging nicely infront of my eyes rather than hiding in the closet also this way I know what I have to wear and I will keep track of my new clothes and old ones. The wall hanger was already installed and I just bought the rack from Ikea with the Mirror and ofcrs the famous faux fur rug.

The racks Here and Here
Mirror Here
The rug Here

my advice for decorating your room is :
-keep it simple
-try to follow a theme
-stick to one color or two
-if you are a messy person like me its good to have lots of organizers and shelves
-keep recycling
– leave some spaces empty as you might always come up with new ideas and new decorations

Also when it comes to Ikea In Malaysia I have noticed they don’t really update their website so its better to look for ur favorite items in the store. For me it showed items were not available but I ended up finding them in their shelves so don’t rely on their website . Also even tho its really expensive to have them install your stuff but I think its worth it. Unless you have the right tools and you know what you’re doing. But if you dont have the tools dont even think of doing it yourself at home you will end up having ur units unstable and loose . #talkingfromexperience.

Hope you enjoyed reading and this post has inspired you. Talk you later

Much love
Yelna 💋

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